Friday, May 22, 2009

Went to a new brewery yesterday! Coronado Brewing Company, just down the road from where I was struggling through a day of unexpected challenges, beckoned and I could not resist. 'Tis a nice place, though the beer is no match for our North County wonders. And the grub was good.

There are signs in the place warning of a 3 beer limit. I found this off-putting, and gave them the benefit of the doubt, assuming that the beer was so good that they were trying to make sure everyone got some. But the beer was a standard set of ales -not bad, mind you, just perfectly acceptable brews that heralded the end of the work week instead of the coming Kingdom of Angels. So I asked. Turns out everything got out of hand in there once. They're going for a nice family brewery, (they have "kid's night") and they need to be amenable to those fascists in the local bureaucracy -Coronado can get strict with the rules, of which I, as a local contractor, am plentifully aware. Anyway, no self-respecting brewery can successfully impose a 3-beer limit. Good luck with that.

It's Friday. Do well. Have a hoppy weekend.