Friday, May 1, 2009

Avoid crowds, don't be like us, and have a great weekend!

P.S. Had a dream last night that the Little Digger was just up and running around and I was thinking: Where has the time gone? Where have I been? Additionally, in my real waking life, the Little Ditchman has begun using a vocabulary that includes words like "actually", which is a word one only uses when you've gotten it wrong and it needs to be explained to you in simpler terms. Also, she uses the word "Well..." at the beginning of sentences, as if quietly considering what she's about to say, playing some spry, diplomatic contest in parent-child relations. I guess it should be expected, since she just turned 3. And another word: "But" -as in, "But Dad..." or "But Mom..." Nothing good can come of this.

I was serious when I said that about a sense of humor the other day. If it's not even considered within the construct of a philosophy on life, then your philosophy may as well be applied to lizards, fish and other empty-headed creatures like the humorless, hapless manatee. What makes people laugh and why we laugh is utterly profound, when you think about it. Try not to, though. You'll bore us all.

Got a marathon this weekend! No, a real one! I tapered my training this week by running every other day and busting my ass at work. Do you think that was wise? Running 12 miles in the morning and then spending all afternoon on the stairmaster with 6 pound free weights a few days before a cross-country race is my strategy, you know. (I now find it impossible to run any distance over 12 miles without wearing a full carpenter's tool belt and carrying the 18 volt Dewalt keyless chuck hammer-drill/driver, my tool of choice.) Wish us luck! (Especially Mrs. Ditchman, who is suffering an injury currently, and is anticipating having to bow out on race day -always a more painful blow than the injury itself.)

I was up with the concrete guys this morning! Well, actually (hey, that's where she gets it) I was up with the pre-formed, 12-inch concrete pier guys this morning. (Saved some time and money on this go-round.) Full day ahead. Full weekend ahead. Full speed ahead. Full report on Monday.