Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm tired. You're tired. We're all tired. Everyone's tired. I'm tired of complaining about being tired. I'm tired of hearing about how tired everyone is -tired of it! Stop being tired already! Put some coffee on! Work less!

As if we could. Why do these kids get up so early? Why do they scream all night? When does anyone sleep around here? Of course, I have no problem just falling asleep dead and away at any given time. It's the ladders. I'm convinced it's the ladders. And the heat.

Aren't your sweat glands like one big muscle? So if you're sweating all day, aren't you exercising that muscle all day? I don't know the science, but hot work days make me more tired. Today will be a hot work day, so dear family, expect me to be extra tired tonight. I'm not looking forward to it, either.

Headed out to Valley Center, California. A semi-rural community with no actual center, as it happens. Every time I go out there, I'm looking for the main drag and a "center" to the valley. The town is actually pretty spread out atop a large mesa, probably to dissuade visitors, and sometimes you'll cross intersections that don't appear on the GPS screen. Perhaps this is why John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Fred Astaire, Bill Murray, and Benji built their mansions out there -to confound the paparazzi. The place is also remote enough that I can't get any radio reception, so it's a Podcast day.

I really do like the heat, it just makes for challenging work conditions. I'd much rather work in the heat than the cold, so, yes, I am much more suited for volcanology than arctic research. It's just as well. The radio wouldn't work there either.

I better get going. I've gotta get a run in before work!