Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Working down the street from this today:

It's the University of San Diego, or USD. Not to be confused with SDSU or UCSD, or USD (University of South Dakota) one of which Mrs. Ditchman attended and graduated second in her class. (I always forget which one.)

The school is a pretty one, sitting atop a mesa and overlooking Mission bay with its 16th-century Spanish Renaissance architecture, but the place always seems strangely empty to me. I guess everyone's in class.

USD is a Roman Catholic university, and every time I drive by it I notice the subtle Christian influence in the design work. The windows in some of the buildings are all four-pane, with the two top panes being small, and the two bottom panes being long. This makes a cross in every window, which, when you finally notice it, you can't un-notice -and then there are CROSSES EVERYWHERE. It's kind of weird, but then so is God sometimes. He's nowhere to be found, until that one day when you notice that He's everywhere.