Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday. Thursday! O brother, where hath the week gone? Time zips along, with the proverbial pages of the calendar flipping in the wind like in those old Hollywood movies. I am contented to keep at it, stay busy. A little at a time goes a long way. To the end, no less.

Working locally, in Vista, this week, which is nice. A friendly couple with a daughter somewhere in her twenties. I was out front unloading the trailer with the boss, when she rolled up in her Jetta, hopped out, and walked past us. "Hi, Dad," she said and went inside.

It immediately occurred to me that the day will come, verily I say to thee THE DAY WILL COME, when the Little Ditchman comes and goes as she pleases. Shows up and disappears, shows up again. My wife and I will sit at home wondering, what happened here? For now, our little girl is trapped, and perfectly happy to be so, having no idea of the familial fetters within which she be wrapped! I reminded myself to enjoy every moment of her growing up, before she grows out of me.

Almost found myself weeping for days not yet lost! How silly. It's like the man who says, "I am sad, for the weekend is over, and it is now Monday. Another weekend is coming, but, alas, it is only two days long, and then will be gone anew."

Dumbass. It's Thursday. Enjoy it! A month from now we'll be working in the hundred degree heat again and you'll be complaining about that!

Such a good life. All I ask is enough money to pay the bills and time enough to be with the family. Success is at hand! And my track coach in high school said I would amount to nothing. (My guidance counselor was right, however. I should never have wasted those years at USC.)