Thursday, April 24, 2008

Did everyone watch the Discovery Channel promo I posted yesterday? I just love it! YouTube doesn't have the magnificent power that HD does, but it's still fun, especially if you recognize all the characters from all the Discovery shows. Cracks me up. I can't stop watching it. And "the world is just awesome" has got to be the best slogan in a long while.

For that matter, did everyone watch the opening scene from Blue Velvet that I posted last week? I just love that, too! Remember what I was saying about life being awful one moment and then awfully funny the next? I think David Lynch captured it perfectly when that guy has a heart attack while watering his lawn, and then the dog leaps up on him to get a drink of water. Hilarious. Hard to see in the YouTube clip, but those last few shots are of insects, bugs, vermin writhing just below the surface of the perfectly manicured lawn. Figuratively speaking, that's the whole movie right there...

Anyway, TV is pulling itself back together. There's a new episode of LOST tonight and a new episode of House next week. And then Deadliest Catch is back on -this time in full HD! Deadliest Catch is pretty highly rated, and it's reflected in this new season as they obviously are putting a lot more money into it. Seems they even have a camera boat alongside the fishermen now, so we get full shots of the boats. Before it was just a boat trip as told from the point-of-view of being on the boat. There wasn't much scope to it. No worthwhile establishing shots. But now it's looking pretty good. I think they got some high-paid editors on there, too, because the promos for the show are pretty sweet and the intro is slick -best intro for a show out there. Hey, I like a good intro. They're often better than the whole show.

LOST has moved to ten tonight. Why? Because there's going to be more sex and more shots of Kate on the beach in her underwear? Maybe, (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease) but it's probably because ABC knows you're going to be sitting around for an extra hour since you're hooked on the show, so here's a perfect opportunity for them to shove more boob-toob (literally) gruel down your throat. Ackh! Wake me when it starts! (Or, as my friend Mitch put it: "10:00pm? Who can drink that late?")

TV. Oy. I have seen more episodes of Little Einsteins than I want to lately. We only let the Little Ditchman get 45 minutes or so of TV a day (that's two episodes) and this morning she was up at 6:15 asking for it. Partway into the show she had that open-mouthed, drooling comatose TV look on her face and when I asked her a question, she didn't respond. I waved my hand in front of her face and she just slowly leaned over to look around it. Great. That's enough TV for a while.

It's a tough call, really, when you've got a million things to do. You can get some of them done if the kid is sedated on the couch with Higglytown Heroes or something, but you can't bear the thought of her innocent little brain cells being shredded one after another, so you turn the set off and the screaming and wailing begins. I swear it's like confiscating and flushing the needles of a heroin addict. (Yikes!) So what's the answer? I don't know. Give up entirely and have more kids, I guess.

Truth is we'd all be better off if we stopped whatever it was we were doing and went and played outside with the kids. I always feel better afterwards, really. It's hard to do, somehow, but what's so hard about it? You're playing! And you think work is so important. NEWS FLASH: the kids don't think so. How else do you expect to stay young? The creams don't work.