Friday, April 25, 2008

Okay, I've got 25 minutes to type this. I just put Little Einsteins on downstairs and I can hear the Little Ditchman singing along merrily. It's Home Show Weekend! You know what that means: roles are reversed. Mommy comes home cranky, Daddy changes diapers, and the kid gets pizza and TV all weekend! (Just kidding.) Oh wait, there's the phone...

It was Mommy. Never fails. We all parade downstairs, goodbyes all around -kisses, hugs, high-fives. Do you have everything? Yes. What did she eat for breakfast? Not much. If so-and-so calls, say this. If she wants this you should do this. Okay? Okay. Mwuh. Mwuh.

One minute later: the phone rings. I was thinking maybe we should... and so forth.

There goes my 25 minutes. And then it's about five minutes per task before the Little Ditchman realizes she's not getting the adult's full attention, so she comes and pulls on you. I always get these wild dreams in my head about what I am going to accomplish on Home Show Weekend. The wild dreams are always just that, but the pulling on you is worth all the treasures of ancient Egypt. (Like in the "Golden Pyramids" episode of Little Einsteins! Did you catch that one?!)

The president is sending us all checks next week! Woo hoo! We'll see if mine comes or not, what with all those outstanding debts to the Dept. of Education. "Outstanding" as in, Look at those amounts! Outstanding! Speaking of sharks, there was a shark attack in Solana Beach this morning. Killed a guy, which is rare in these parts (actually, it's fairly rare everywhere.) Mrs. Ditchman is heading to Solana Beach right now. I told her not to go in the water.

Were you able to stay awake to see LOST last night? I missed the first five minutes and, wouldn't you know it? They opened with a shot of Kate in some state of undress on the beach. (My wife told me about it.) Another character was killed off, which I find hilarious. It's hilarious because the writers have full rule over this show. Years ago when Friends and Seinfeld were all the rage and the actors were getting something like a million dollars an episode, writers started getting shoved into the back room. So, to save bucks, the networks started making shows with non-stars in them, like LOST, and when the writers made stars out of these folks, they of course demanded more money. But the writers are also the producers, and they'd created a show where anyone could eat it at any time. So much for contracts!

I suppose it doesn't work anymore, given that it's been revealed who makes it to the end, more or less. Look forward to those guys demanding millions in the final season!

And I say give it to them. It's a good show and makes a ton of money. Let's see... what else? I just bought myself an extra 25 minutes with another LE episode. I've got so many errands to go out on, and we've got to square these things around snacks and naps, lest we fail to maximize the good moods and duration of naptime.

Can't think of anything. Too occupied with other things to do. See you at the Home Show!