Monday, April 7, 2008

Man, the merry-go-round really broke down today. After a night of uneasy dreams, the wheels fell off the computer and despair set in, finally. I'd been keeping it at bay for days but you can only hold out for so long. Even ran a 5K yesterday. Finished in 22:14, which isn't bad (considering I haven't run much since the Katrina Marathon in Huntington Beach) but wasn't good enough to finish in the top 250 for the cheap medal (only 30 some-odd heads away!) The Little Ditchman got in her first race. She got a medal, and it was much-deserved.

More on it all tomorrow. Perhaps it was eating the artichokes in the yard that set my mind awhirl. I refuse to be Gregor Samsa. I will eat right. Sleep well, friends.