Thursday, April 3, 2008

The light rain never came, as much as I was looking forward to it. That's usually the way these things pan out, weather-wise. I seem to remember a month ago the rains what came that no one expected. Hold on whichever way the wind blows, should be the going advice of local weathermen. That's good advice all around.

Annabelle and her family seem to be putting up the good fight. "If you find yourself going through hell, keep going!" is a fine Churchillian mantra, if only for the comic relief. I have been praying for them. I'm someone who regularly prays for "God's will to be done," figuring He knows best, has a profound plan, and I should get out of the way and not muck it up. Praying this way has changed my perspective on life over the years, and it has given me peace and patience amidst these earthly confines. But lately I've found myself praying for a miracle. I'm not someone who needs miracles to have faith, mind you, actually I feel quite the opposite -it's the faith that brings the miracles about. But anyway, if the Lindens are looking for a miracle, however it may manifest itself, I believe they have surrounded themselves with the right people. All the comments and web links are impressive with their love, support, charity, affection, faith and confidence. Let it be a lesson to all of us, that we are careful with whom we surround ourselves in this short life, as some day we may need them beyond our imagining.

A diversion. No doubt having a child with a disability would be a challenge for the parents. This, too, would be a challenge. Yes, my child has a real problem: he's a know-it-all! I thought this was hilarious, especially the last line. It also cracks me up that the paleobiology staff at the Smithsonian has been "long rankled" -because there's nothing more unnerving than a long-rankled paleobiology department! I mean, it's amazing that they've been able to accomplish anything over there, being so rankled all this time! Hopefully the country will survive, having been miseducated for 27 years about the proper use of the word "Precambrian".

I needed a real diversion last night, so I watched a few more episodes of John Adams. IT'S AWESOME! No, really. HBO was having a special on their service, something like ten bucks a month for three months, so Mrs. Ditchman choked up the cash to make her husband happy. It worked! I must be a huge nerd. When George Washington took the oath of office at the end of Episode 4, I actually got misty-eyed. I have never considered myself much of a history buff, until recently, but I have been a film buff. This one is good. SEE IT. Every American should.

We have made it over the hump day, and this year is more than 25 percent over, can you believe it? I gotta go. The car is on the lawn again.