Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clicked on Lileks.com this morning only to find that the domain had expired. Expired! You'd think a blogger who gets a bazillion hits a day, the original blogger, who spends so much time photoshopping those snazzy home pages every Sunday, you'd think he, of all people, would remember to renew his domain name. Ah, well. I clicked over to Buzz.mn where he posts all day (does the guy have a life?) to see what was up. Looks like he was at the dentist this morning. See? Don't step away from the Internet, it may pull ahead without you, leaving you at the yellow light.

It's funny because I had just awoken from a dream and James Lileks, of all people, was in it. He had moved onto my street and lived a few houses down and was blogging all about it. My neighborhood suddenly became a thousand times more interesting by virtue of an entirely different blog, and I had suddenly become a minor character in the story of my own life. I responded by blogging furiously about the neighbor who won't shut up.

So how was your Earth Day?


I celebrated by burning up 20 gallons of unleaded petrol all over San Diego county. At $4 a gallon, that's quite a party! Also, I took out my trash, dutifully separating the recyclables and yard trimmings. I drank a beer and the bottle will go back to being refilled, or reprocessed, or ground down into brown glass dust for some other brown glass item that will be filled with something else I will consume and excrete and flush into the mighty Pacific Ocean. Saw a bumper sticker while making the rounds at work:

I don't mean to sound too callous and insensitive. But, yes, I am a bit sarcastic about it. Latest research shows the Antarctic getting colder, so global warming enthusiasts are focusing on the other pole. And gas prices are skyrocketing because EVERYONE'S USING THE GAS! I know, it sounds silly, but remember all those people in India and China and Bangladesh riding bicycles? It's 2008. Now they're all driving cars.

So, oh well. Myself, I'm still a big proponent of bringing back DDT, which would save millions of lives worldwide if we encouraged third-world countries to use it responsibly instead of threatening to take away their foreign aid dollars if they use it at all. And turn our food into fuel? Aren't there starving people all around the world? Earth Day, indeed. It's such a bummer when Earth Day falls on a Tuesday. It gets so much more press when it falls on a news-free Saturday.


The world is just awesome!