Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still working on the new template.

And this broken computer thing is getting old, I know. Macs! Still I'd rather be broken down with a Mac than broken down with a PC. To me, it's like the equivalent of either having a flat tire in Hawaii, or a flat tire in the Gobi Desert. (Former preferred.)

I've endured mild depression this week, perhaps you can tell. I suppose it's all the grand plans I made for my new year, and then only living to see them T-bone me with frustration. The weather couldn't be nicer, but I've got a set of work-related problems that are just dragging me along. Then this bum computer. Then the pinhole leak in the house piping that caused some of the ceiling to come crumbling down in the garage. Then the sickness. Then this whole two-kids thing, which is more than twice as hard. (Seriously, Whack-A-Mole is best left at the carnival.) Anyway, it's Mrs. Ditchman who's been bearing the brunt of that flank, and we've got to keep her happy! so what'd I do? I made the coffee this morning to help out. We'll press on -and get those X-Mess boxes back up in the attic already! (Don't worry. I'll pull through.)

Stayed up late last night to get away from it all and actually watched a movie, for crying out loud! I catch maybe three whole movies a year, because I can't handle the two-hour commitment anymore, but last night I watched Frequency with Dennis Quaid (2000) and had forgotten what a fine flick it is. It's sort of a B-grade mystery flick with a sci-fi bent to it -perhaps you've seen it. The script really moves at a good pace, and though I think it's stronger in the first half than in the second, I still found it compelling -if only for the love-of-family theme that drives the action forward (seriously, you never see that.) I saw it when it came out and it's still every bit as good. Not enough movies like this anymore. Anyway, I'll take a hundred of these first-rate B-movies over Iron Man any day of the week, and they could make a hundred of them with that Iron Man budget, which was my whole point in mentioning it. So why don't they? I wonder forever.

Dainism quote of the week: "Life is too short to sit in one place all the time, and live life repeatedly."

Maybe that's my problem. I've just been living life repeatedly.