Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hey, it's a brand new day!

And in so many ways! Obama is ushering in "a new era of responsibility" and finally we can all work harder with the blessing of the president -as so many of us have been going rogue for the past decade or so.

The Ditchman Family Supercomputer is back up and running, thanks to the kind folks at the Mac Store who just gave up on solving my plight through the proper channels and did the whole thing "off the books". It's a funny story, actually, but one too technical to relay with any lasting, spellbinding interest. In the end, their computers wouldn't let them fix my computer, because some technical glitch in my system demanded a power adaptor from an entirely different model. All were flummoxed, and then the manager exhaled and just handed me the brick from the counter machine. "Here," he said. "Call it even." I asked him what I should do if this one ever malfunctioned, and he just gave me his card. "See me."

Excellent! So I'm back online with a backlog of dumb stuff piled on my desk, and the heavy weight of 2009's goals on my shoulders. I won't burden you with the specifics, as I am off to parts beyond the Orange Curtain today. (Normally, I'd be worried about the border crossings on Inaugural Day when power is transferring to the opposing party, but I'm exiting a liberal county to enter the conservative one, and then coming back through a different gate into a conservative district, so I should be okay.) I'll catch the inaugural address in the car, try to make it home for Bunco night, and then I'll worry about tomorrow's rain -which promises to really mess up the busy schedule packed into the next ten days. It's Home Show weekend! Our first with two kids, one of which refuses to take the bottle. (He's in for some hungry hurt this weekend.)

Seriously: President Obama, can't we do something about this weather?


Didn't make it out of the house! Watched the speech! Remarkable! Pretty good! But I must admit, I did find it amusing that he flubbed the oath, when he inarticulately stepped on the Chief Justice. (He came through, though.)

Also, love those nice long coats! (And note the peaceful transfer of internet domain. Only in America!)