Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woe to the Obama administration Mac users! Cracks me up that they're all on Gmail right now. (And hey presidential team: if you're using the 23" screen and have a power surge and then the screen won't come back on, switch the power adaptor up to the one for the 30" model. Just trying to help.)

I was snickering at how the president messed up the oath the other day. I thought it funny, given all the build-up about how "articulate" he is. Turns out Chief Justice Roberts screwed it up, too. The biggest guys in the room were performing a transfer of power, and here it was like strangers meeting on the sidewalk and trying to pass on the same side. So they did a presidential do-over back at the office, which is hilarious. I mean, who knew that the official oath, which is written out in the constitution, had to be administered word-for-word? See folks? Our leaders are not gods, but mere men with that same capacity for dopiness that we all carry. I, for one, find the whole scene oddly reassuring. (And don't worry, Obama: you're in league with those other great presidents, Calvin Coolidge and Chester Arthur, who had to do the same thing.)

So after that Great Day for America (shame on me, I forgot to put my flag out) we can get back to the hard work of criticizing the government. First up: the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Well, hooray for that. Seriously, there are some excellent arguments for shutting down the place, and I could be convinced, I suspect. But that's not what bothers me. This is. Now, President Obama, it's getting personal. This is the ultimate NIMBY. Take 245 of the most vicious death-loving mass-murderers on the planet, move them from the deserted island they're on (which is more than they deserve) and house them ten miles from my house?! Not the hope and change I was hoping for. Taking them back to the battlefield and giving them a minute to run for it before the soldiers start firing wasn't an option, I guess. Personally, I'd rather have the home-grown nuclear waste problem in my backyard, but no one is asking me. Oh well, what're you going to do? Vote Republican?

In other news, Lost had a rousing season premiere last night! It looks like they're finally getting around to answering more questions than they ask (like, when is Sawyer going to put a shirt on?) making the show eminently more watchable. It was the best part of yesterday.

Actually, no. The best part of yesterday was when I got home and the Little Ditchman screamed "DADDY!" when she heard me come in. Nothing beats that! Makes one feel supremely loved, adored, feared, respected, etc. Like Obama on the Capitol steps.