Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's back to El Cajon today. I did a Google Spanish-to-English translation to see if El Cajon actually meant "the canyon". It doesn't. It means "the coffin". Suddenly, I'm not that inclined to rush off to work today.

The City of El Cajon web page has a historical write-up on the place that reads as dry and hollow as the general landscape of the city. I learned nothing. But it does claim that El Cajon actually means "The Big Box Valley" yet of course we all know how public relations work, and we all know which big box they're referring to. Also, horseracing on Main Street was outlawed in 1912, so I won't be doing that on my lunch break.

The Wikipedia entry on El Cajon has the translation as "The Drawer", so it could be anything. Also, Greg Louganis is from El Cajon. Fascinating. It's fascinating, because in the sidebar it lists total water area for the city as 0 square miles. Greg started with nothing!

So, it's off to El Cajon for the day, and then the long sweet ride home to Oceanside, birthplace of Barbara Mandrell. Oceanside, California: no translation necessary.