Thursday, January 29, 2009

Banged out the job in "The Coffin" yesterday in record time so that Mrs. Ditchman could hand me the children and get to her appointments today. Not sure what I would have done if I didn't finish. Strap one kid on the tool belt and tether the other to the ladder and go at it today, I guess. That's a family business.

We've had several customers who've chosen to go with our company precisely because we are a family business, and we appreciate their support! Lots of folks do this, I imagine, in an effort to keep corporate America at bay and enrich the livelihood of the real folk. Unfortunately most people don't get that they run the risk of the family business contractor showing up late because of a sick kid, leaving early to get to the sitter on time, or charging a bit more because they have to provide their own health insurance. In many ways the government is less friendly to small business than it is to big corporations, I believe, but it doesn't bother me -they have more employees, with families of their own, to tend to. And I can't afford all those fancy Washington lobbiests!

So we juggle. And juggle. And juggle again. Spin the plates today, add a few beanbags tomorrow. I used to be able to get a few things done around here when we just had the one little Ditchman. Now, I'm full. More than full. I know people who have "Family Day", but in our house just about every day is "Family Day" -which is thoroughly awesome.

Except for the part where Mrs. Ditchman rushes off to work in the car with both car seats. And we're all out of diapers. And worse: no wipes.