Friday, June 13, 2008

Well, it is Friday the Thirteenth, you know...

And the madness has not let up. Perhaps I'll have to go back to bedtime blogging, in order to fit in a daily post. (And cut into my beauty sleep? Good God, man! What're you thinking?!)

I've got thirty-five feet of aluminum shade to get up on this beautiful, hot day, and family visiting from out of town to boot! Cut me some slack, now wouldya? How do you expect me to get the mortgage paid on time?! If it wasn't for all those bills, man, I'd be at Legoland all day.

Back again for curt, shallow, mentionings of my ant-like existence on Monday. See you at the makeover this weekend. (I hope someone brings beer. Please God, I beseech thee, deliver unto us... some beer. Even a paltry sip would suffice.)