Friday, June 27, 2008

Well, Friday hasn't seemed to matter much in the past month or so, but we do still change gears around here so it at least feels like the old routine. June will end on Monday and then there's -wait for it- ...JULY! That should be fun, with its fireworks and all -that is, if we can fit them in to the busy schedule. I just realized that makes next week a short week, so I'll probably still be a couple days behind for most of the next month, that is, a couple of days behind on the r&r and personal projects, but caught up on work. No matter. There's nothing on TV anyway and I can get a few things done at night before an early bedtime.

There's not much in the news either, now is there? That's a good thing, actually! Peaceful, happy times put all the journalists out of business, you know. Then again, if they all just took a year off, we might just enter an age of beauty, peace and prosperity immediately and altogether. The economy would rebound! But no, let's dwell -that's good news reporting.

Speaking of old news... I'm doing some work today on a beautiful house in a gated community that last year's fires licked pretty hard. His neighbor's place is gone, boulders on the property are charred, and the surrounding palm trees are only beginning to come back. He was pretty cheerful about it, and grateful, I guess. It must've been a horrifying time for him and his family, filled with fear and flight. Now he just looks out at all the devastation and comments on how the neighbors are planning on rebuilding, what a mess it was to clean up, how he's having some old friends over this weekend for a barbeque, how a patio cover will be nice. I picture them out there this weekend with that blackened landscape behind them, while they pour drinks in the sun and flip steaks, laughing about something else entirely.