Monday, June 16, 2008

The Little Ditchman slept in an extra two hours this morning. God bless her and everyone else who got an extra two hours of sleep last night, I mean, who couldn't use it?

Still have not made it out to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Geriatric Action Heroes, or whatever it's called. I think if I wasn't married I would have seen it twice by now, and have a full critique handy for whoever was sitting next to me at the Crown City Brewery. Then again, Crown City shuttered itself two weeks ago. The times they are achangin'.

I'm a big Indiana Jones fan and I think that Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best movies ever made and I could make a solid case for it if you bought me a beer. The two sequels were disappointing to me, though still entertaining. I hated to see the genre devolve into slapstick, as Indy held his head desperately above the bad jokes. Indy reaching for his gun to take out the guy with the sword in Raiders I liked, but there's a scene in Last Crusade where Indy goes off a cliff and his friends think he's dead -remember it? He comes up behind them -fine- but then his hat blows over and he goes to pick it up. First of all, Indiana Jones never loses his hat. Second of all, when it blows over you can see the inside of it and it's a nice satin lining, perfectly clean, like it had just been grabbed off the wardrobe rack and tossed in front of the camera. (They'll spend a hundred million on effects, but they're too lazy to wipe some dirt in the hat to make the backstory believeable.) Anyway, I haven't seen a Harrison Ford flick since he got that dopey ear ring, but I'll get around to this one even if he is 65. I go for the special effects. (And the music is good.)

Hey, did you ever see Secret of the Incas with Charlton Heston? Me neither, but I'll bet George Lucas and Steven Spielberg did:

This week brings all manner of events and happenings seen in previous weeks, but I'll try to make it sound different. I don't mind ordinary, but repetition is just poor form and ripe for mocking. I'm looking ahead to a nice relaxing Christmas, six months from now. I'll try not to get sucked into any blatant Lucasfilm commercialism.


Oh wait, actually, it's a video game -making a nice little trifecta of entertainment. Note that you have to be over ten to enjoy "cartoon violence".