Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh me, oh life. Oh blessed busy-ness, oh constant distraction. What good amid these? Oh me, oh life...

I noticed that I haven't posted much of anything here in weeks, and spent all morning catching up on the family business site. Also noticed the plants are dying, there's a hole in my fence, and the lights in the fish tank were on all night. This home needs some tending to, as utter and incessant neglect is taking hold. The cat looks angry. The tortoises, perplexed.

I'll be back in the fray tomorrow, so hold on, dear readers! I'm off to build a monster patio cover this week, and another the week next! Good. There are also neglected bills piling up. And I haven't read the news in a month (but I may be the better for it.)

God bless us, everyone.