Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday! I should really have some movie thoughts or Indiana Jones thing to slap on here, filling out the "Movie Week" theme. I don't, really. Sorry to disappoint. Last night I turned on the TV to see what was going on and it was just all dreck. There is actually a show called "Celebrity Circus". I won't bother explaining the premise, but isn't that what's always on?

I'll be back out in the heatwave today, installing four, eight-foot high, round, Roman columns. Tapered. With Tuscan cap and base. They're not centered on the spa, they're centered on the house. The spa is not centered on the house. This is a point of much contention for my customer. Would that we all had such problems.

And I'll be back at the Circle this weekend, taking care of more of the home makeover epic. It's no Indiana Jones, but it is the adventure of our lives, with its highs and lows, snakes and ladders, fears and furies. I still entertain the thought that, come the conclusion of our life, we'll be sitting in that great moviehouse in the sky watching the flick that is our biopic. The Music of the Spheres for the soundtrack, the camera angles lending beauty and perspective to all that was so confusing for so long, and God Himself will edit out the boring parts. I'm not sure if anyone else will be in the theater with me, but I can think of a few who might.

Anyway, for now, until God tears the ticket and hands me the stub, the cameras are rolling. It keeps me humble. (I hope.)