Friday, November 14, 2008

Up before the bakers this morning! Actually, we've been up before the bakers more or less every morning for the past few weeks, now that I think of it, but this time I'm out the door. Been taking my own sweet time on this week's job. Ripened to perfection, she is. You should see it. Thing of beauty. Carved from soft metal by my tender, sensitive, sculptor's hands. Will shade the yard for eons, and come next summer's swelter, will temper the burning passions of every passing, huffing, wheezing lawn mower. I weep now, just at the thought of the awesome symmetry of the rafters and lattice I fashioned together so meticulously out there in that San Diego suburb. I'm eager to return early just to cast one final gaze at the grandeur I forged over the past few days, all on my own, with help from no one but the inspired breath of God Himself.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Actually, summer may come sooner than originally thought: todays' forecast is in the nineties. Odd for a mid-November? Perhaps. And actually, I did have some help pouring the footings -which reminds me that I should pay that guy. Jose, if you're reading this: come by my office (house) later today and pick up the check from the accountant (wife).

Ditchman supercomputer back up and running! Another thing of beauty -and one not fully appreciated until it is confiscated from you. They replaced the logic board this time, which, I guess, was the logical thing to do. Anyway, it works now. The warranty is expired, so we've crossed the border from that nation of reliability and venture courageously out beyond the frontier of self-reliance. Keep that number for Fry's handy in the saddlebag.

Enjoy life this weekend. Don't let anyone get away with doing it for you.