Monday, November 3, 2008

Got up this morning and the world felt like a new place. Everything in the home seemed different, and not the tired old wares you stare at day after day. I'm smiling more and just plain happy to love my roommates, even though half of them don't pay rent, expect me to feed them, and lack control of their bowels -but, no, hey I don't mind!

Of course, it could be the time change. You may think us lucky, having a new baby and then getting a free hour of sleep a few days into it, but let me remind you that these kids get up when they get up. They don't think, hey I get to sleep in an hour! On the contrary, they're the only ones already getting all the sleep they need. But I don't mind!

Mostly. It's election week! And if you hesitated to click on this blog this morning because you don't want to be T-boned by my conservative ideology, well, you lucked out. (My vote doesn't count in this state anyway.) I'm not going to get into it. The election is quite a show, but in this house it's a sideshow. Obama talks about "Change!" all the time but there are two kids here who need a real change, if you know what I mean. And if the McCain slogan was suddenly "Family First", he might have a bit more of my attention. But acckkkk... it is what it is. I've got plenty to say about it. I'll spare you.

Halloween was excellent, and we have the candy to prove it. Spent the weekend trying to figure out how to work this new family, all the while fielding the well-wishing, phone calls, and visitors. It's great. I started to edit a video of the new little digger, but I got so choked up I couldn't continue. Perhaps I'll fortify myself with a few beers tonight after everyone goes to sleep and then try again, but... that's right about when I fall off, too. We'll see.

I've got a week of getting stuff done around here, with a minimum amount of aluminum to wrangle, and I'm looking forward to pulling ahead a bit on the chores. It's November! The holidays are coming and anything not caught up on before Thanksgiving will drop off the schedule entirely, leaving me with a diminished sense of self come the new year (and we can't have that.)

Until then, enjoy the quiet and the sleep, oh ye without children!