Friday, November 7, 2008

How I could fill a whole day with nothing, I could never think up on my own. But I did it! I suppose the mere mention of the concept invalidates itself, now that I think of it, so we'll just call yesterday A Day Left Wanting. How unfortunate. And how frustrating.

I went to the pet store, which did not have what I was looking for, so I went to another pet store, which had a similar inventory catered to others with even less perfunctory needs, if that's possible. (I suppose it is. I saw a vast array of products and people in line unenthusiastically buying them. Then I left empty-handed.) Then I went to Aaron Bros. for a frame, but they didn't have what I was looking for, so I went to Cost Plus World Market, which also did not have what I was looking for. There were frames, per se, but alas. Why must I be so specific in my tastes? It only creates more grief when I tire of the selection and have to replace it. Went home. Resigned myself to two things: I will never be an interior designer and the cat's lucky to be alive.

I began the re-screening projects, but I pulled the screen material too taught and the things bows like a... well, like a bow. I'll have to re-do that, then.

And then I looked into the computer repair thing. Aackk! Yesterday was the last day of my warranty and the thing hadn't finished breaking down yet! I hauled it off to the geniuses and complained to them, "No, really. It's on it's way out! Just plug it in and leave it for a few days -you'll see!" So they took it on my word. (I didn't have a choice. It was either haul it in last minute or cough up a few hundred to fix it on my own, but I'm still hoping for that free video card upgrade! It's been, like, four whole months -aren't those things obsolete yet?!) Now I'm back clattering on the Old Reliable. My plans to edit video all weekend dashed along with the frames and the screens and the pet supplies.

Let's hope this isn't what it's going to be like in the Age Of Obama. I think I'm going to spend my weekend waxing my board, for when those waters part, I'm gonna shoot the curl.

Have a good one! (This phrase has always bothered me. A good what, exactly? What are you wishing me? A good weekend? Oh, all right.)