Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yesterday was a tough day. Today I doubt will be any different. I'm not sure why, exactly. I was just slogging through Wednesday, dumb mistake after dumb mistake -all the while sweating furiously. At one point the whole thing just fell down, which rarely happens. (Don't worry, I'm fine.) Anyway, half the days of the week I come home and there are white rings of dried sweat salt on my blue work shirt. My blue work shirts, incidentally, have taken on this odd discoloration on the backs of them. It's a large blotchy oval of sweat stain that resists all attempts at laundering, no matter how thorough. Whatever do I do about it? It's embarrassing, and these shirts aren't cheap.

I have opted for the light brown work shirt today, instead of the dark blue. The dark blue one has an air of experienced foremanship about it, whereas the light brown one seems more of a grunting, meathead, hammer-swinging shirt. I don't know why this is. What I do know is that on a hot and sunny day, those blue shirts break you down until you are a grunting meathead, so, yeah, I'll just skip ahead and wear the brown one today. After all, it's not a million-dollar gated community or anything. (But it is kinda nice. Horse properties. Large yards.)

Now there's a name for a construction company: Grunting Meatheads, Inc. (GMI) Knock on the door: "Hi, we're the grunting meatheads? You called about some hard labor you needed done?" Or you could just pull up to the house, back over the mailbox, and drag your sledgehammers out like trolls, "Uggh. Ugggh. Nughhrphfmmph..." All of us in light brown shirts.

Speaking of meatheads, Summer Camp in just three more days! I have to come home early to spray-paint some hula hoops black. (Don't ask why. I'll post the video.) We're going with an Olympics sub-theme for the week, which should be fun. The real Olympics begins next Friday on August 8th. What's the significance of this? Well, to the Chinese, it's the eights. Check the date: 8/8/08. They're sure to sweep every event. Those Chinese think of everything.

One of our noble and dedicated camp directors made a podium:

I was so impressed, I made a video of it.