Monday, July 14, 2008

Ended up having a weekend, and one fence the better for it. Funny how that works. It was the first normal weekend in quite a while. By "normal" I mean the kind of weekend where you come home from work on Friday, have dinner and put the kid to bed after the bath. Then there's some Tv snoozing before you slog upstairs to bed. Saturday you have coffee and head out to take the kid to swim lessons and then it's to the hardware store for a little of this and that. Come home and have a sandwich, fix the toilet, mend the fence, fire up the barbecue and have a beer. Tv. Bed. Sunday morning, church. Lunch. Finish yesterday's task. Kick the ball around in the backyard with the kid, and there: A Proper Weekend. With good weather. Perfect.

Glad it was done, too, as the next four weekends are all laced up for out-of-town parties of some sort. I had the feeling the summer was going to whisk past us this year, leaving us stranded on the sidewalk of winter, and when I mentioned it to Mrs. Ditchman, she agreed and we sighed together, but I looked at the calendar and pointed out a weekend in September on which nothing was happening. See? There's still a bit of summer out there to be had, honey!

God bless those who see summer as The Coming of the Great New Apple Merchandise. God help those who took their computers into the shop a few days before the big release. Still haven't heard from them and I fear I will be cutting and pasting and phoning in orders again today. Now there will be a blank spot on my computer business record (assuming I ever get it back) and I will recall how I did not purchase an iPhone that week. The poor geniuses obviously have their hands full. I heard the Apple systems went down (what genius do they go to?) and though market share is up, stock prices have fallen. Oh well.

I fixed the hole in the fence. In that grand comedy of life, a section of my old and busted fence went off on its fence afterlife reincarnated as someone else's window shutters. (I'd show you pics but the geniuses have them.) I was hoping that by making shutters out of the fence, it would compel the Ditchman compound to repair the fence once and for all, and then we found that we had no time or money. So the perimeter of the compound was willfully compromised by myself, and that for the past few months. It has made Mrs. D feel vulnerable, so when my computer was in the shop and all other obligations got shelved for the weekend and I found myself on Friday with an extra $150, I thought it was a good time to fix it. Funny, too, as I had just about given up on the thing. Anyway, it looks great and I'm glad to have it up. You gotta have a fence, you know, lest the suburbs just creep into your yard while you're out. All prowlers can now go burgle someone else's property, someone with a lower fence, while I'm away at summer camp.

Again, everything has piled up around here, like one of those towering trash piles from Wall-E, and the treads have just come off the cart. Who knows if we'll get anything done today? I should probably get out of these jammies and just pretend to get something done. Sometimes if you just fake it, you find after a while that you're actually getting somewhere. Keep in mind, however, that this works with household chores, but not if you're lost in the forest. If you get lost in the trees, stay put until someone finds you. But if you get lost in the suburbs, the uncertainty of everything may just lead you back to that broken fence one unplanned weekend.