Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're back online! Went down to get the computer from the Mac store geniuses last night and the only words exchanged were "Here's the Beast." when the guy brought it out to me and "Do I have to wait in line?" when I arrived to see about thirty people standing out front for a new phone. (A new phone!) I showed the guy at the door my work slip and he waved me in, past all the folks who looked pointedly annoyed. Inside, everyone wore cute little iPhone shirts. Now seriously. What other company changes their uniform for a product release? I'm sure you can think of one.

The thing works great. Good as new. Like slippery lightning rocketing over ball bearings. Like a spring hummingbird in heat. Like... oh, something else that goes fast and is overwritten for weak humorous effect. Anyway, the thing is great and I am grateful to have it and have it back. Now it's back to all those chores I've got piled up on it. When I get time. (And they're still there, mind you, they didn't accidentally-unfortunately get erased.)

So, did they replace the old video card with the updated and quicker one? No. Yes, it's mildly disappointing, seeing as the new hotness is the same price as the old and busted, and the old and busted they had to back order. Oh well. If it breaks in another six months, I'll fix it myself. (Seeing as I don't really want to shell out the $250 for the extended warranty.)

In the news... did you see this? Who would've thunk that our entomologists would fail us so. Of course, they won't just name the damn thing, IT HAS GOT TO BE RESEARCHED. No wonder they can't figure out what's wrong with the bees. It makes me worried and nervous when the scientists are out to lunch on the back patio while all of undiscovered science is just buzzing around the deck. Somehow, this story seems related. "Look, we're the government. We're not paying you to be visionaries or discoverers. Get back to work at that slow, bureaucratic mess we have you properly tangled in." Meanwhile, some genius is scribbling a plan for 600 miles per gallon of seawater on the back of a pizza box. That's the guy who could have fixed my Mac wearing a straitjacket and clothespins on his eyelids in as long as it took to boot the thing up, but corporate policy is to shelve it for a week so it looks like we have too much to do. I mean, who wants to work hard? Only the real geniuses, but the Peter Principle places them outside of the institutionalized pay scale. Best to take them out back and rough them up in the alley -that'll teach them to think around here!

Speaking of the level of my incompetance [sic], aluma-work awaits me today, all 31 and a half feet of it. I'm having this one delivered by the professionals as I draw the line at 26 feet for personal transport. Plus, I'm not sure the gas prices have caught up with the manufacturer's delivery truck as they have with us. Anyway, it gives me more time this week to get it done -which is really what I've been needing this year -more time. May God richly bless the scientists researching the solution to that one.