Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday. Is it Wednesday? Sheez. I swear to Odin, this is the year of constant busyment. I've tried to do some honest reflection on it, and I have little to exuse myself. Clearly I've over-committed, for starters. It's my own fault. I should know better. Just because I'm capable of doing something, doesn't necessarily mean I can get it done. I made a list on the kitchen chalkboard and "Make Living" was on there, somewhere near the bottom. (I did get to check off "Back Fence" though. It was the only thing.) Then there's all the unexpected stuff: rising gas prices, smaller jobs, personal episodes of fate and frenzy. Money worries. And I seem to have spent a certain extra amount of energy on fear and fret this year. That slows down everything. Those of you that know my family, know I've got about another ninety days before my busy world gets dammed up again, so I better focus on some of these outdated commitments. And, of course, next week is my annual sojourn to summer camp. 7 days on an island with a hundred and fifty teenagers may come as something of a welcome relief, oddly.

That means the next couple days are filled with emails, phone calls, and wacky purchases -stuff I never had time for in the first place. I've got an interesting list of odds and ends I need for camp, and it includes all manner of technical gizmos for the computer-video setup, costumes, decorations, strange foods, and skit props. If you have any creative thoughts, send them my way. Somehow, the aluminum saps me of all my creative energy. It becomes a source of stress at times like these. Wait a minute... isn't the aluminum always a source of stress?

And we have a sullen disaffected teenager coming to live with us. He'll be around for a few weeks AND I INTEND TO PUT THE KID TO WORK AROUND HERE! Just kidding -he's actually a good kid. We're sending him to camp (as if that would knock some sense into him) so Mrs. Ditchman has had her hands full with the transport of said teenager to and from said camp. He doesn't have parents or reliable guardians or even -get this- a cell phone, so it's been something of a challenge. Also, his name is Sean -so we'll put him in charge. And he knows how to work a lawnmower.

So if it doesn't burn down or tumble into the sea from the earth quaking, camp will be fun. It's all hard work, but it's a different kind of work, where you're laughing a lot of the time to make it tolerable. (I'll try and do a remote post or two.) So I've been busy. Again. These weekend getaways are kind of funny with my bag only getting unpacked for laundering, and it's tough on the garden. The fish seem to be holding on while the tank is in the shop for the next few weeks. And the tortoises seem happy since I moved them outside to their new (makeshift) pen. Also, the ants seem to be in check. I saw a few out there the other day and the man with the plastic on his shoes and sprayer on his back says just to call if I see A ONE and he'll come out and get it. Best news I've gotten all summer!