Monday, January 7, 2008

Well, they did say it was coming. It finally got here on Friday, though my new 50 cent rain gauge sat dry and idle for a day or so, but look! Nearly three and a half inches! That'll be it for the next ten or twelve months, so go ahead and roll the patio furniture back on out. I'm no stranger to a deluge such as this. We had more than that in the first three miles of the Honolulu Marathon.

It's that time of year again! Time to back up all the files in the hard drives! Yes, that's what I did with the bulk of my weekend, and my, what an insanely boring task that is. There are few things less fulfilling. It's the kind of act where you just wish for an unexpected calamity to demand that you pull out your backup. Now that I've backed everything up, I expect a calamity-free year. If everyone did the same, why, we'd have world peace by Memorial Day.

Also spent a little bit of time on Google Analytics, where I can monitor all of you monitoring me. I know who you are! I'm nearing 100 unique visitors to this site, averaging about 15 regulars a day, peaking at about 10AM, which means many of you are probably wondering what happened to me this morning -I won't bore you. It has to do with the router. (See? Boring.) I'm hoping that bells, whistles, and a free pizza go off when I actually do reach a hundred people. I'd like to honor the 100th customer. Send them a congratulatory Email with a coupon for free scrap aluminum. I hear you all clamoring for it in the distance as I type this.

I find it interesting the Google searches people have used to find me here at TMST. Of note: "full moon on christmas" and "pomegranate cocktails" will both direct you here. Also used: "backdoor santa meaning", "buddhist christmas salutations for christians", "brain cancer glossy eyes", "definition of poofta", and notably: "walrus dicks" and "poo dangler". See what you've been missing?

More disturbingly, I rather innocently wrote the phrase (encoded here) "my n@k3d d@ught3r" only to find that someone had come to the site using a Google search on that phrase. I have since corrected it, you sick bastard, wherever you are. Let that be a lesson to all of us. The Internet can be a dangerous place.

And so is all the world. Speaking of the world, I've had visitors from nearly twenty countries, including a reader in Svenke, Finland. Hello, Finland! Or, as they say in Finland: "Tervetuloa!" As well, nearly every state in the union has come around TMST, which is nice. Greetings strangers! Also a number of visitors from Canada. (Dear Canadians, when I refer to your country as "America's hat", I mean it in a kind, head-warming sort of way.)

May this week be a productive one, and in the interest of making it so, that's all for today.