Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally got the organizer shelf installed in the office, (which I know pleases all of you!) I'd built it months ago but it just languished in the workshop* (*garage) for the past few months while we holidayed and dealt with the succession of family crises that befell us since, ah, September, is it? Oh well. There's nothing like a bit of organization to kick off the new year. It will all make this year's crises that much easier to manage.

And by "install" I mean "set in" which is all it took. (That and the staining, previously discussed.) We work in this office surrounded by boxes and boxes of files, materials, reference manuals, and whatnot -and it's just getting irritating. We moved every box to another room for the holiday, and were gladdened by the peaceful serenity of a clean office when 2008 began. Mrs. Ditchman henceforth declared that no box shall be moved back into the office until the filing cabinets are completed, and that was that.

So the master bedroom is now piled high with office supplies. This would be overwhelming if it wasn't for the fact that it's one of the "ugly" rooms in the house. We're taking on the residential overhaul one room at a time so it's best to pile the crap in the ugliest room, and then enjoy life in the "nice" room, you see? I would say that it is now a joy to go into the office and work, but... well, you know how it is. Work kind of makes me nauseous, but then again it might be the reeking chemical from the recent staining fiasco.

So the window is wide open, making it cold in here. (You just can't win, I tell you!) Still, it's nice. I'd have the filing cabinets done and installed by the end of the week if I wasn't a month behind in the bills and steeped in a workload up to my pit hairs, but who can be deterred in weather such as this?! It was a perfectly beautiful day yesterday, our week and a half of winter having passed, so we spent it in the yard moving dirt from location to location. Ahhh, the smell of dirt! The fertile scent of Spring! The garden this year is going to rival Babylon herself!

Of course, there's that fence I need to finish. The broken sprinklers. The pavers. The unfinished pond. The sandbox. Oy. Did I say Babylon? I meant modern Baghdad.