Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The new Macs are here! The new Macs are here!

Big deal. Wonderful. Glad I bought one a few months ago. Actually, it's a laptop. "Thinnest laptop in the world!" Oh Mighty Steve exclaimed. He actually walked onstage and pulled it out of an envelope. Bonus: fully aluminum case.

We asked the Little Ditchman what her middle name was yesterday and she answered proudly, "Aluminum!" Which depressed me thoroughly. Still, I was impressed that she could pronounce it. Another anecdote: One of the things she's been doing for a while is announcing "March! March!" and then she kicks her knees up and marches about. It's cute as all get-out. She began doing this on a beach in Hawaii, and we're not sure where it came from. Last night she got out of the tub and began "March!" "March!" marching about, only this time she was chanting "Forteen!" "Forteen!" which had us in a conundrum until we realized, oh yeah. March 14th. Her birthday.

Anyway, Oh Mighty Steve also announced software updates and a newly revamped AppleTV, which filled my heart with gladness, though Mrs. Ditchman shrugged and left the room. I still think the potential of the product is thoroughly untapped, and Mighty Steve more or less admitted such. I like the product, but I'm not buying another one. Here's to hoping that all of us 1st Generation users aren't left out in the cold -I wasn't particularly filled with confidence when Steve said us old version users would only need the free software upgrade. The new AppleTV, I guess, doesn't plug into your computer at all but plugs directly into the Internet, where you can now rent movies on iTunes, among other things. (I rewired the house for this!) It's also supposed to be more truly HD than the previous version, but for all of you who haven't upgraded to HDTV yet, you might want to wait. Super Hi-Vision Ultra HDTV is coming in about six or seven years (2015). No, I'm not kidding.

For the nerd in all of us, I have now linked Engadget.com to the left, here. The site cracks me up with all the silliness they produce out there in the world of electronics. Note: if you click on it today it's just going to be MacMacMac as far as the eye can see, so you PC users may want to wait it out a few days. By the way, PC users, the U.S. Army has begun using Macs. Yes, this too, is true. Evidently Macs are safer for our national security than your mealy bug-ridden buckets of bits. When the fire sale comes, I'll send you an Email. (But not from my new "thinnest laptop in the world". Those things cost 1800 bucks!)