Friday, September 21, 2007

Wow, now that's a real grabber of a title, George! I'm sure they're already lining up at the Grauman's Chinese for that one, eh? Puh-leeze... Has it been twenty years yet since the last? I would really have been looking forward to this about ten years ago, but now? Have you seen Harrison Ford lately? (Well, okay, I know you have, Matt.) How about Indiana Jones and the Lost Dentures? Indiana Jones and the Adult Diapers? Indiana Jones and the Convalescent Home of Doom? Indiana Jones and the... -you get the idea.

Comes out May 22, 2008. To be honest, I was kinda hoping for Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Atlantis, but whatever. I'll go see it of course, which gives me liberty to mock it thoroughly. Karen Allen will be returning (she was the fetching lass in Raiders) so that should be worth the price of admission. Anyway, I guess Lucas just can't let anything go as long as there's money to be made. It's funny to me that all these people who run the "LUCAS RAPED MY CHILDHOOD!" web sites (yes, they exist) will still be the first in line on opening night. Well, let's hope Indy dies in this one, that'd be good. I don't see him dying though, I kinda see him spending eternity in that cave in Last Crusade drinking from the Holy Grail with that aged knight ("He chose poorly."). Ford is 65, you know.

And there's this. So let me get this straight: they put a flag at the bottom of the ocean so now it's their territory? Fine then, we get the moon. Of course, there's not ten thousand billion tons of oil buried on the moon, as far as we can tell, so... I guess we'll have to fight them for it.

And another thing. Have you been to http://play.blogger.com/? It's a non-stop running slideshow that shows you every picture that is currently being uploaded to Blogspot. It's really kind of a trip watching it -it's like the whole Internet in all its mundane glory just passing before your eyes! Click on any of the photos and you will be taken instantly to the accompanying blog. Makes me want to Keanu. ("Whoa.") I'm convinced that if you watch it long enough you'll see someone you know. It's hypnotic for a minute or two, and then you kind of switch it off and forget about it and go back to ordinary living. I suppose all those pictures mean something to someone out there. Glad to be a part of it!

Well, it was a beautiful day, and this summer has really burned itself out, hasn't it? Rain is expected tomorrow -biggest September storm in twenty years, they say! Hey, wasn't I just complaining about the heat a few days ago? I actually pulled my slippers out of the closet this morning and put on some pants. Summer left in such haste it took off with my health, too, I was disappointed to discover last night. Feeling it bad in the sinuses, throat, etc. That's the way it goes, I guess. But maybe it'll be a nice wet winter here in SoCal. Enough of this global warming, we deserve it. Oh wait, I understand it's not "global warming" anymore, it's "global climate change", didn't you hear? As opposed to, say, "global climate stagnation"? That's it. I'm canceling my subscription to National Geographic. (They're gonna have to re-draw the maps of the Arctic continental shelf, anyway.)

Late addition: This is why America is going to win the Global War On Terror. Isn't the Internet great?