Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thompson Announces: "The New iPods Are Here!"

Oh, brother. Such headlines. Shock and awe. An utter surprise. It would be nice to get some real news, like: when is Apple going to sell The Beatles at the iTunes Store, or upgrade their AppleTV operating system, or replace the crappy new glossy screen on the iMac for a nice matte one? Or how about something like Thompson actually staking out a position and engaging in debate? And did you know that Giuliani was once the mayor of New York and that he lowered the crime rate? Really. If I hear Romney say "Gosh!" one more time I'm going to rescind my vote of support due to the Huge Nerd factor. Mike Huckabee is looking better and better. And not just because he's a marathon runner.

So that's my take on the news of the day. Speaking of Huge Nerds, I was on the web this morning and noticed that the Steve Jobs press conference was about to start so I tuned in to a live webcast, which I'd never done before. Wow, was that ever boring! Pushing [refresh] every ten seconds is not my idea of a good time. And if I had done a shot of beer every time Jobs said "iPod" or "iPhone" I would've been hammered before breakfast. And yes, wow, the iPhone now has ringtones for sale! Half the teenagers in America peed their pants when that was announced. At one point Steve Jobs actually used the word "ringtonable" which is easily the height of Geekdom. Also, the price of the iPhone dropped by $200! Am I glad I didn't buy one last week? Yes. Am I going to buy one next week? No. Why not? Still too expensive.

And I'm still waiting it out for my new computer, even though I think I have enough money saved up. Apple keeps saying they're going to upgrade their OS sometime soon, and I know that that's $150 I can save myself since it comes installed on the Macs when you buy them. Oh, brother.

Look at that picture of Fred Thompson up above! I'm trying to remember what it is I'm reminded of...

Is it this:

Or is it this:

No, no, I think it's this:

That's it! He's Tor from Plan 9 From Outer Space!

Okay, okay. You're right. I shouldn't be so mean.

Who says an actor can't be president?