Friday, October 9, 2009




Day's end:

Of course, you can see the subtle difference in height that was originally problematic and required adjustment. By "adjustment" I mean I had to hack off that one corner of the roofline, there. It wasn't pretty. But, I guess you can't see the damage now, and everyone is happy. The inspector comes today, and I won't be there. I'll be here. Doing today, what I was supposed to be doing yesterday, and demanding payment from these folks.

Do I get paid twice for this one? Boy, do I wish it were so. But that's the way it goes sometimes. The other workers on the job were duly impressed with my adroit aluminum-handling prowess, but at the end of yesterday I had to endure the same joke a hundred times: Ha! Looks great, but now it's too high! Oh, you're all hilarious.

So I'm all sore, again, which is not the week of tapering I wanted pre-race weekend, but like I said, it's the way it goes sometimes. It should be a fun weekend. Great weather for it. I think I'll carbo-load with steak, wine, and a half pound of hearty, aged cheese.

Have a light-on-your-feet weekend!