Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Neither will I be running today. I am still experiencing soreness, though I suspect that it's from that episode of incidental digging yesterday. Seems I've been digging a lot lately. No good reason, really. I dig. Dig? When was the last time you dug? I mean really dug -throwing your back into it, quickly-blistered palms, earth-rising-around-you digging? You envy me, don't you?

I suspect not. Get someone else to dig for you, and you're a smarter man than me. Than I. Whatever. No digging today, though. Just building, which is better, but takes more thought. That's the hard part -all that thinking. You go to college to learn to think, so you won't have to dig. Or so they say. I went to college. All I know now is, do enough thinking in the sun, and you'll soon find yourself yearning for some blessed, mindless digging.

Had an engineer recently come up with some design specs so we could legally load solar panels atop the aluminum. Plans suggest two footings at 38"x38"x38". That's a hole, half my height! I'm not even sure my Tundra can haul that much concrete for even one of those footings. What is that- like, 1500 pounds? Looking forward to hand-mixing all that concrete with my little mixing shovel, I can tell you.

I suspect the engineer just guessed, and padded the figure. I mean, he doesn't have to do the digging -what's a few inches to him? But do they really teach you these specifics at engineering school? Because they should also teach you how heavy aluminum is. Which it isn't. Which is why I can ordinarily do these jobs by myself. Ordinarily. Anyway, we paid the guy to do all the thinking.

So I could dig properly. Without being bothered.