Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I really should change that "Posting M-F" quote down there on the sidebar. Seems I just can't keep up nowadays, what with this new schedule and all. I've been hitting work earlier, which I despise, but there must be something else occupying me. Not sure what it is... Anyway, I'll get around to changing the sidebar one of these days, as my readership drops off.

I had the time to blog last night, actually, but spent that 45 minutes sitting on the couch with the tv on for VS. (Shaq and Michael Phelps. Woopti.) And while that was going I was drinking a beer and I was playing Spore: Origins on my iPhone. Is Spore: Origins a fantastically and impossibly addictive game? No, actually, it's kinda dumb. I just didn't feel like thinking, is all. Admit it, you know the feeling. Whatever, it was Bunco night.

So, I'm just sorry. Not like you were clicking here to find some illuminating philosophy or anything, and I let you down. No, I suspect people just click here out of random curiosity, what's that guy doing today? when they can't think of anywhere else good to click on the WORLD WIDE WEB. The whole world at your fingertips, and you click here. I'm honored.

No, really! I am! Which, is why I'm sorry. I mean, you have the whole world at your fingertips, I should at least have something moderately entertaining to offer. But alas, life's just not that compelling of late. But here's something: a new monster. It's the "Muck Monster" of Florida. (Of course, Florida. Only in Florida.) What is it? Alligator. Manatee, maybe. Who knows. Just goes to show: when we're coming up with new monsters, we're running out of news.

I logged 250 miles on the Tundra today, which explains my lack of blogger zeal. Ugh, that was exhausting, driving through all those counties. I don't really have a Tundra log, but if I did... well, you know, that's a goodly amount of mileage for a Wednesday. No driving tomorrow. That's it for a while.