Friday, September 18, 2009

Avast and arrr, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Again! Has it been a year already? I guess if you talk like a pirate all day, every day, like I do, a year goes by pretty fast. Anyway, it all means HOME SHOW, which is a work weekend.

I set up the new display booth today, down at the harbor. "New" in the sense that the old one was dinged and scratched beyond repair, beyond belief, beyond the scope of marketing control. So I spent all day building a new aluminum patio cover, for which I would not get paid. That's advertising. You toss out the cash and hope for the best.

We got some nice new, square, polyresin columns to show off. And they cost us a pretty penny, too, since the manufacturer, bilge rats that they are, would not fork over for a display piece (so we won't sell them that hard.) I would describe them in more detail, but you can just see for yourself when you come down to the pirate festival. Our display was moved away from the beer garden this year, to a less enchanting site, just a few feet from the Port-A-John. You got it right: you emerge from the plastic boudoir and are greeted with the vision of my pretty wife sitting beneath a perfectly fabricated aluminum castle. Wonderful. This may be the last year we do this show.

Up and running first thing tomorrow morning, ye lubbers! Sunday, too! I've got to get down there and finish painting the columns, since I ran out of time today. Anyway, thar be plenty of grog, as Stone Brewing Co., Breakwater Brewing Co., and Firehouse Brewing Co. are the beer garden sponsors.

Have a fine weekend, me hartys!