Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'd been following this story [link altered] with some envy, and evidently the governor was not hiking the Appalachian Trail - he was in Argentina! I imagine if I was the governor of South Carolina, I would do the same thing, and drive the executive staff and security crazy. But, hey man, these legislative sessions can be rough on the soul!

Why do the politicians get all the fun? I could never get away with this in a million years. My wife would kill me. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed to hear he was in Buenos Aires. I liked the thought of the governor out there alone in the woods, fending off bears and Deliverance extras. Crazy republicans.

Not me, though. Blue collar, through and through. If not literally -it's the color of our shirts- then figuratively so. Mrs. Ditchman says we are definitely not blue collar, that we are business owners. Fine. Then why am I schlepping shovels and tools in and out of the truck bed and moving up and down ladders in the sun all day?


UPDATE: Turns out the guy is a pathetic disgrace to his wife, his family, and his country. I had no idea, and shoulda seen it coming. And to think I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.