Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can't keep up with the news! When I left for work yesterday, that sideshow story about the governor coming home from South America was of passing human interest, but a few hours later it was all the current rage in the news and on the talk shows. He was having an affair! Who knew?! So another politician has disgraced himself, his wife, his family, his country. Shocker. They say Washington is just Hollywood without beauty. They may be right.

What I can't get over is how these guys who are so accomplished in their professional lives can't seem to handle the mature, tough challenges of their personal lives -these challenges that so many men across America live up to every single day. Being governor or senator suddenly doesn't sound so hard.

The guy apologized, first to his girlfriend and then, later, pathetically, to his wife and kids, and he will probably bounce back, as politicians do. Why, Barney Frank was running a gay prostitution ring out of his apartment and today he's one of the most powerful congressmen in the House!

What am I doing sitting here opining about it all, when I could be at work taking it all in through the blathering radio? (It's a busy week.)