Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Every toilet in the house is unflushed! I guess this is what happens when everyone gets busy around here. Busy! Too busy to flush, even! We doubled the workload the past few weeks, in an attempt to make up for it having been halved in previous seasons, and my truncal strength has increased as a result. Mrs. Ditchman carries these two kids around, thereby improving her own truncal strength, so at the end of the day we sit on the couch and complain about how tired our truncs are. And of course, I am way more tired than she -but don't tell her I said that. That argument is never won. Actually, that argument could be won, by the one of us that gets more accomplished and has a smile on at the end of the day, neither bragging nor complaining about it, but we don't play to win, I guess. Anyway, we're all tired here and none of the toilets are flushed.

It's not for a lack of trying. Or perhaps it is. We're saving water! I just can't bring myself to flushing all those gallons down and out to the Pacific when my three-year-old piddles out a paltry half-ounce so she can be rewarded with free jelly beans. At what point do you give the None Of Us Get Candy For Peeing It's Part of Growing Up lecture? As for the Master Bath, (which I currently loathe entering for its unwavering, incessant ugliness) that toilet never gets flushed because it wakes the baby in the adjacent room. Something about the sound of bodily waste rushing through the pipes at 3AM does not agree with the Little Digger's sleep cycle, evidently.

I did get a hundred out of the million projects done or worked on the other day. I added a thousand but that's my secret to happiness: avoid boredom at all costs. I haven't been bored in twenty years, thank goodness. In the meantime, don't ask me for any favors -we're all booked up here. I've got to update the websites and clean the aquarium and repair those sprinklers and put somethng on the blog and why is that link over on VFTW not working? and plan summer camp and maintain the work tools and get all that aluminum off the driveway and the Sparklett's guy comes on Tuesdays now which screws up SIMPLY EVERYTHING...

And the year is half-over at the end of today.