Monday, March 9, 2009

How does my garden grow? As far as the asparagus is concerned, damn fast. I tried to take some pictures of it.

Last Monday:








It grows like bamboo! Okay, so it's not much of a meal, but I don't grow this stuff to eat, I grow it to gawk at. What was about 3 inches a week ago is eighteen inches today. That's over two inches a day! Of course, now it's too tall and woody to eat, (I should have picked it at about 10 inches) but it was all for the sake of science.

For those of us who garden to learn patience, plants like this are a boon to the spirit. Also a boon to the spirit: asparagus wrapped in bacon!

Some day, they will grow asparagus on Mars.

Although he said further tests would have to be conducted, Professor Kounaves said the soil seemed "very friendly… there is nothing about it that is toxic".

"We were all flabbergasted at the data we got back," said Sam Kounaves, Tufts University.

"It is the type of soil you would probably have in your backyard - you know, alkaline. You might be able to grow asparagus in it really well."