Monday, March 30, 2009

Achh. No time to blog or do anything today, other than run, run, run forever. I won't go into it. My wife made me.

MY WIFE, MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! I will say we had a sweet anniversary yesterday, babysitter and all. We counted it as the ninth time we've ever gone out without the kids (in three years.) Actually, I just thought of another time... Okay, ten. (And that includes the salsa lessons.) It's not the way we planned it when we had kids, but you know, kids have a way of messing up whatever plans you had for your life. (Like: organize, achieve, declutter, etc.)

The pic I posted on Sunday (below) I just love. There we are walking down the aisle just moments after being wed, me shaking hands with the winemaker, like, I'll be in touch, man. No, seriously. I'm going to be needing you later.