Monday, August 25, 2008

I was thinking I would just post: "TMST off for the week" since last week was disappointing in its lack of significance and hardly delivered on the upbeat optimism that you come to expect from this blog. But I was thinking this yesterday, when I wasn't even sure how I would feel this morning. So this week, it appears, my attitude was busted from the get-go. I'll have to work on that!

I've got a very important meeting this morning and need to rush off! For those of you who don't own your own business, this is one of those meetings where everything needs to go well so that your family can prosper in the suburbs another month. It's a meeting where you'll make promises you're pretty sure you can keep. Sometimes when you're climbing that ladder to success, you reach the top and have to kick it away from the cliff, and then start on the next ladder with its top looming up there somewhere above the clouds. You can do it! It's just that these things somehow seem to become more unstable the higher you go.

I've always loved how on the top of the ladder is the Not-A-Step. I use the Not-A-Step all the time. The very top of the Not-A-Step is exactly six feet, which is my height. If I'm working on a patio cover that is 10 feet high, like last week's was, I know that when I'm standing on the Not-A-Step, the top of the cover will be at my nipples, and I have to muscle everything higher than that -all the while precariously balanced on the Not-A-Step!

Well, it is a step -you just have to be careful. Lawyers got together and decided that that was not a usable part of the ladder, but these lawyers have never been up ladder in their lives and they pay people like me to break the rule they made. I know what you're thinking, but I have a 10 foot ladder and it doesn't fit under a ten foot cover. Do they make eight foot ladders? Probably. But then they wouldn't fit in the truck.

Where am I going with all of this? Not sure. I'm just saying life isn't easy at the top of the ladder.