Monday, August 18, 2008

How am I feeling? Better, except for the part of me that feels like I swallowed seventeen blunt ice-picks. Thanks for asking.

Someone mentioned that I try "Mucinex", so I got some. I've seen those disturbing commercials with the digitally animated phlegm monsters and figured, well, if they've got the money for that kind of marketing, the product must be encountering some success. It seems to help a bit, but what I'm really concerned about is catching pneumonia. I've got to keep working this week in spite of how I feel, and that's just the kind of dumb attitude that gives you pneumonia. Anyway, I drank enough DayQuil last week to decongest the 405 and I'm done with that. On to the MUCINEX! (There's nothing like a good phlegmy cough.)

"Phlegmy" I think would be a good name for a pet. I've got plenty to say on that, but Mrs. Ditchman is out of the house and the little one is dumping office supplies all over the floor. Gotta go.