Thursday, May 8, 2008

This just in: the sea lions in yesterday's story were not actually shot. I'm not sure why everyone jumped to conclusions there. Anyway, it seems ripe suspicious to me. Poor sea lions.

Also, I seem to confuse seals and sea lions a lot. My utmost apologies. I've done this all my life and still can't get it right with the pinnipeds. Stalactites and stalagmites I know, because the stalactites hold "tight" to the ceiling. Tortoises and turtles I can do, because turtles are water creatures like the "sea turtle" and tortoises are land creatures like the "desert tortoise". But seals and sea lions? I look at the graphic above and I'm still at a loss. They look the same to me.

Anyway, that's life. It should be the least of my worries. Yesterday I went to pick up the parts for a customer's nice new patio cover and guess what? Wrong color. Guess whose fault? Mine. This could not have come at a worse time. Someone is going to have to pay. That'd be me.

So I'm at home again on this gray day, and the sitter gets it off. A few weeks ago I had commented about how we were having a heat wave in April, and how odd it was because it was really that time of year for the gray to descend. Like I said, June Gloom comes mid-May and lifts around mid-July. Well, it's here. All the color is sapped from a world without sunshine, which makes yesterday's mistake more understandable. One glance at the weather calendar and it's 66 degrees and CLOUD as far as the boxes show. Man, it really depresses the street. I would much prefer incessant rain, but no. You get CLOUD. But hey, that's the way it is in California. Spring takes a vacation. It's a well-deserved one, since it did Fall and Winter's work for months.

Stopped in at an odd, off-the-beaten path Target yesterday just to see if they had something in stock. Leo. Yes, Leo, from the Little Einsteins Leo. You see, there are these cute nine-dollar little dolls, and the Little Ditchman has the other three, but no Leo. Every time we go to Target, all they seem to have is the Quincys, which is interesting because he's the black kid. What can you say about that? I'll leave it alone.

But it's funny how the white boy dolls are always sold out, and yet there's always an overstock on the black boy dolls. There's no black girls in the show, and the Junes and Annies seem to sell next. So at this Target they had a Leo! The last one, flipped upside, way in the back behind the Quincys! Clearly the little Quincys had had it with the know-it-all and his baton-waving, and took him out behind the Doras and roughed him up a bit! (Okay, sorry- really, I couldn't resist!)

I brought him home and there was much rejoicing. The superfecta was complete. The Little Ditchman can barely carry them all down the stairs at once. "I NEED HELLLLLLPPPPP!" she cries from the hallway. It's cute as ever. I did something right yesterday. And your seals are safe with me. Sea lions. Whatever.