Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gotta run today. I got 60 gallons of gas to burn. I offer you this:

Obama can't be beat! Not with a campaign strategy like that! 57 states! Man, what a political powerhouse. One halfway expects Hillary to come out and claim she's been to all sixty states!

Something tells me that if Bush had made the gaffe, we'd be laughing about how stupid he is all over the network news hours. And if McCain had said it, well, we all know he's senile. It's a good thing we have THE BLOGS to get this kind of important info out there!

I think it's pretty funny, actually, but there is something kind of disturbing about how you can see him think it through here, without realizing how wrong he is on the face of it. Let's hope this is not a common misplacement for the man. Unless, of course, we recently annexed ten territories that I'm unaware of. It's possible. Someone, please let me know.

Anyway, leave the guy alone. And don't bother him with those pesky questions about ex-presidents meeting with terrorists. He just wants to eat his waffle.

Oh, the irony...