Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Morning.

Ahhh, springtime... Everything's growing, including the hair in my nose. This is utterly infuriating. You see, the little hairs in my nose they grow so long that they tickle the opposite wall of my nostril every time I breathe. Seriously, I would prefer cockroaches burrowing into my skull to lay their eggs. I am constantly picking my nose, disgusting all around me.

That cute sparrow on my windowsill I am getting ready to mutilate. It turns and taps on the glass every 29 seconds or so, just to remind me that it's spring, and he's there. Evidently, his mate has built a nest just below the window and he is guarding it. He sees me at my desk and goes apesh!t. I've been trying to get video of him, but he jets off every time I pull out the camera. The Little Ditchman seems to like him, though, so I'll have to wait till naptime to ring his little avian neck.

Please send links to reliable nose hair trimmers.

Sorry. I fear it may be one of those days. The highlight of which will be when I shave the cat's butt.