Thursday, October 18, 2007

What a!

Still not sure what that means. Sadly, she doesn't use the phrase anymore, and even gives you a funny look when you say it. Nor does she say "ami" as we've moved on to the more phonetically correct "airplane" now. And she actually combines words and expresses them with fervor. As her mommy noted yesterday, "It's like she has a mind of her own!" Were it that we could all be so lucky.

I got it all together yesterday, incidentally, I know you were concerned. Not my best work, but a job -uh- done. Maybe I'm falling off my game. You do something a million times and you become an expert at it. A million and one times and you become arrogant about it. And a million and two times the work comes out as average, because you went for speed. If you do something any more than that, you start to get existential about it. Why am I doing this? Who really cares anyway? Wasn't I meant to do something else? Does God exist? Who invented liquid soap and why? You feel miserable. Hurt, sunburned, and poor, and it could be a stunningly beautiful day and you wouldn't even notice.

And then you get in the car to go home and there's an urgent voicemail message...

And there's Meaning after all!

So we're back to normal. (Just have to figure how much of a rebate I owe these people for sub-standard work.)

Sorry for the late entry today. I woke up tired and sore this morning. Why did I bother to get up at all, you ask? BECAUSE OUR DEMON CHILD IS KEEPING LINDEN HOURS, THAT'S WHY! We don't understand it. She gets up before the sun and demands AppleTV. Denied, I say. But she cries and stammers on, "I will not be ignored!" So the day begins, whether you like it or not. Still no AppleTV. Just crying.

I got up. Fine. I had a lot to do anyway. Got to get next week's mess ordered and settled, and then set up for this weekend's Home Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! Wish you all could attend, but I know how busy we all are. Besides, you go to these shows and you see all the awesome trimmings and accoutrements you want for your home and then you realize how much it'll cost and how little you have and you just go home depressed. I know how it is. (The show's free, though.)

And complimentary samples of aluminum to the first 100 folks who stop by the booth! Why, if you know your metallurgic history as I do, a hundred years ago it was more precious than gold, platinum, and silver!

See you there!