Friday, October 12, 2007


Sorry about that. Seems this week has been one that has defied all attempts at scheduling. I'd plan out my day and walk out the door and the compass would start spinning, hands on clocks turn the opposite direction, and mirrors reflect someone else. I guess I should never have agreed to that last bottle of wine at the doctor's house, after all the guests had left.

It was a good party, by the way, if only because it wasn't an officially planned event and just a gathering of neighbors and friends. And it was good because I got to discuss Firefly with a few other folks that appreciated the show as I did. (Whew! Glad it wasn't just me!)

But that was Sunday, and everything just sort of spun off in a southeasterly direction from there. By the way, today is the actual day that Columbus discovered whatever it was that he discovered. And I finally did finish the job in the Outer Rim Territory (Rainbow) but not without a lot of confusing cuts, hacking down a few trees, and a bit of extra caulking. And I did get the Mongo cover down, though not without a certain amount of pain via the Linden Sledge Method of extracting plywood and asphalt ceilings. And I even got to use the Kienitz Memorial Gloves at the landfill in Chula Vista, which was a fine synthesis of nostalgia all told. "Chula Vista", incidentally, is translated into English as "Pleasant View" and the goodly amount of Chula Vista I saw this week overlooked a reeking landfill with Tijuana in the distance, so go figure. And most of the new cover was delivered yesterday, which put a bit of a crink in things. One would expect to get the entire delivery as scheduled, but hey now, it was just that kind of week. We'll have to start again on Monday. I made it to Friday afternoon and just threw in the towel. I couldn't keep up anymore. And now my car is making the flying saucer sound. Just great.

My gimpy brother is downstairs right now, entertaining the 18-month-old. They're sitting on the couch watching home movies ("the bud-dees") on AppleTV. The uncle has a cast on his right leg that stretches from his knee to his toes, so his current profession is sitting around. I guess he got sick of sitting around wherever he was the last few weeks, so now he's sitting around here in suburban Oceanside, having me make him dinner and fetch beers. Hilarious. It should be noted that he broke his leg when he was drunk. Got up from bed in the middle of the night to use the terlet and Whoa! slipped and broke his leg! Don't worry, though, he said it didn't really start to hurt until the buzz wore off. You have to hear him tell the story, however. It's right up there with the time he got shot in the butt by a B.B. gun in a driveby, and the time a pigeon flew into his car while he was driving (feathers everywhere!) What a character. We try to limit the time he spends around the Little Ditchman.

Speaking of, there are some super cute pumpkin patch photos of her over at The Mundane Details. What a sweetie. If you look closely at the pic of the kid on the pony, in the background you will see another attentive father putting his daughter up on a hearty steed, all the while talking on his cel phone. Ah, the joys of Family Day! It was a fun day for us, even though I got stung by a bee on the left elbow. An innocuous event, except that I was standing there with a few friends of Mrs. Ditchman's that I had just met. She had stepped away for a moment, and there I am flailing about, losing all composure, cussing up a minor tornado. "Yes, uh, your husband seems real nice..." An hour later they watched me buy a 103 pound pumpkin. (It's amazing I have any friends at all.) I'm still not sure what to do with the 103 pound pumpkin. But there's always this. Anyway, the kid likes it. By the way, Lileks was good today (10/12/07), waxing about the trials of raising a daughter -some things I look forward to, and to some degree already experience.

Hopefully this weekend won't amount to much, so I can collect myself for next week's madness. So, as they say in California, "Have a good one!" whatever that is.