Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well, everything was just off yesterday, you know? I mean, as if I didn't drink enough at Dr. Weaver's house the night before and go to work in the sun the next day. And then I was looking in the mirror and noticed a whole set of freckles growing on my bald forehead. That's new, you think to yourself right before it flashes through your head like the underside of a blimp ***C*A*N*C*E*R***. We get older and older... And then the kid just keeps waking up screaming in the middle of the night. I mean, Jeebus, what now? Or what was it before? That was never explained. And Mrs. Ditchman and I failed at communicating all day. It was like we both spoke different languages, or rather, we had bad interpreters. I would say something, she would hear something else. She would say something, I would be getting off the bus on a different planet. It seems to bother one of us more than the other. So I guess it's not half bad. Or it's only half as bad as it could be. Or something. Anyway, I think you know what I'm talking about. That is, if you're married.

She found it in herself to kiss me goodnight, however. (That goes a long ways, my friends.)

Even House lost a patient tonight. I guess the bad days hit everybody. (By the way, I sure hope they fix this whole 'There's no afterlife' thing that they established tonight. It really bummed me out. Especially when the dog died.)

And then the Little Ditchman was just being outright defiant today. I asked her to pick up her Legos and she just went and got an Elmo book and wanted me to read it to her! The nerve! So I asked her again, politely, but no! She pretended she didn't even hear me! I got down on the floor and showed her -explained in pantomime- clean up your Legos, please! Like this: and I would pick one up and put it in the bucket. She left the room. Left the room! Man, you'd think at eighteen months they'd have a little more respect.

I should add that when she did pick up a Lego and throw it in the bucket, she would miss. And then I would say, "Missed." and she found that to be the funniest farking think in the world and proceed to "miss" every single Lego. Aaaaaargh!

And there are no more Fireflys to watch. Yes, I finished the series. What a colossal bummer that is. No Season 2, no resolution of plot possibilities, no more development of established characters... That's it. Cancelled after one season. Morans. (At least I still have the feature to watch, though! Yahoo!)

And then someone sent me this:

Answer: Yes. (As explained last week.)

The nerve of advertisers nowadays.

But it should be noted, this didn't happen to me. And there was a shiny moment: I fired up the boat. It still works.