Friday, October 5, 2007

The Week That Was

In keeping with the vehicle-slash-engine theme this week, here's a few more thoughts, both enginely and vehicularly...

There's this bad news. Seems we're losing the Space Race, or at least this heat. Huge bummer. I've always said that if there's anything the U.S. Government should be spending money on, it's spaceships. For now, let's send out a memo to the world: THAT'S OUR FLAG UP THERE, PEOPLE!

If we lose the space race, at least we're pulling ahead in the driverless vehicle race. I'm surprised the robots aren't just building themselves by now. Maybe they are. Maybe they're up there on the moon waiting for us. And what an odd headline. The AP makes it sound like the scientists have lost control completely.

Speaking of spaceships, I watched another episode of Firefly tonight, to raise the spirits. I'm kinda sad to see it go as I've only got one episode left and then the feature. It's real good TV. Lileks is a fan, if you didn't know. You can check out his reviews of this piece of good TV here and here buried in some old bleats of his. He's the one that really made me decide to buy the DVDs, so I have him to thank. I'm glad I'm not the only uber-nerd out there.

But tomorrow will be a long day in a distant land where there is no bathroom, no food, no radio transmission, and no people for miles. I'm working in "Rainbow" which is not at all unlike one of the outer planets in Firefly. Who knows, maybe it'll rain and I'll be forced to put it all off to next week, but this is Southern California. My kid doesn't know what rain is. She's never seen it. I tried to explain it to her today, but I just seemed a blathering fable-teller, full of big words, myths, and half-truths. A feeble, luckless fool who lost his way in life only to be found by her sweet smile.

I'm just another guy who, one gray day, turned aluminum into gold.